Four Loko is a line of flavored alcoholic beverages with innovative flavors and iconic packaging. Four Loko comes in 24 oz. cans and is available nationwide. The product is predominantly sold at 12% alcohol by volume (ABV), although the exact ABV depends on state laws and regulations.

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Four Loko Bold Series is a new line of Four Loko for those who embrace adventure. Four Loko Bold series comes in 24 oz. cans and is available nationwide at 14% alcohol by volume (ABV).


Four Loko Bartender Series delivers a personalized experience by combining the bold flavors of unique cocktails with graffiti-inspired cans. Each flavor is taken directly from bartender’s favorites from around the country. Four Loko Bartender Series comes in 16 oz. cans and is available nationwide at 10% alcohol by volume (ABV).


Four Loko Shots is the only shot that brings the spontaneity of Four Loko to spirits. Each product in this line of hard liquor is bursting with unconventional flavors and bright color. Four Loko Shots comes in 750 mL and 50 mL bottles and is available nationwide at 70 proof, 35% alcohol by volume (ABV).